LESET Vision

Field the most qualified, well-equipped, highly-trained and readily-capable supplemental law enforcement resources in Central Texas.

LESET Mission

In collaboration with law enforcement agencies across Central Texas, the LESET Committee will identify, develop and coordinate specialized teams of LE resources designed to successfully respond and assist in any mutual aid situation.


1.Develop regular training programs available to all Law Enforcement Agencies in the CAPCOG region based on the needs presented to LESET committee.

•begin with quarterly training improving to monthly

2.Standardize equipment used by both tactical and strike teams to facilitate integration on large scale events

3.Standardize tactics used by both tactical and strike teams to facilitate integration on large scale events.

4.Identify core training requirements for Tactical and Strike Teams to include but not limited to the following: special needs, such as mobile field force (crowd control), search and recovery, CBRNE evidence collection, fire and EMS support operations, etc.

5.Exercise annually to assess the effectiveness of training conducted during the previous year(s) and to identify future needs.

6.Establish positive working relationships amongst the various Law Enforcement Agencies of the region to facilitate more efficient delivery of services during large events or disasters.

7.Develop and implement a Regional SWAT coverage plan

8.Develop LESET web-based group enabling group emails and a storage location for related documents

9.Develop action plan to educate key agencies with in the CAPCOG area to the benefits and uses for the resources within the LESET Group


Team Contacts:

City of Austin - Lt. Fred Fletcher or Lt. Stephen Deaton
Williamson County - Lt. Mike Gleason
City of Round Rock PD - Lt. Jim Stuart
Travis County SO - Lt. Al Leblanc
Hays County SO - Cmdr. Terry Nichols

LESET Committee

Committee Chair - Lt. Ken Evans
Voting Member - Asst. Chief Jim Mclean
Voting Member - Lt. Mike Gleason